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Presentation - 2003/04 Season

A slightly different presentation night this year with no camera there, unfortunately we don't have any pictures to show you of our drunken evening.

There is however, one peson that was in the running for every trophy until part way through had to pull out due to work commitments, etc and that was Matt Pert - at the time when he stopped he was either in the lead or just behind and this would have proved to be a mighty contest.

So the trophies went as follows

Drunk of the Year - Allan Ellis

Always a hotly contested trophy with the first year winner - Knightsy coming very close with some serious drinking antics - a surprise late runner was Matthew Karadzic but the trophy seems to have found its home - yes thats right Al won it again and deservedly so.

Most Improved - Dave Johnson

The most improved this year was a curios one - Dave has been playing for a number of years now and had trails at all the local clubs - but it was a case of, at the start of the season he wasn't fit and was struggling - but stuck at it while being frustrated and put the hard work in. So it went to Dave but with very close competition from Foxy who got several of players votes.

Supporters Player - Shaun Taylor

One of the main trophies being voted for by the supporters - those mad people who endure all the weather conditions to cheer on The Mighty Sheps was a unanimous decision this year with Shaun Taylor receiving the majority of the votes.

Players Player - Shaun Taylor

This trophy is voted for throughout the season on a game by game basis. At the end of each game each player is asked for a vote for that game. At the end of the season these are all collated and Shaun Taylor was voted Players Player.
Top Goalscorer - Aidan Bramald

A difficult season with goals coming from all over the field - Jamey Cox, Steve Wilkinson and Shaun Taylor all picking up their fair share but there was one clear winner - Aidan Bramald - still finding the net at his age - what does he have in his coffee in the morning ???

Managers Players - Steve Wilkinson

The Managers Player of the season award is another that is taken on a game by game basis - The Manager will take a 1,2,3 every game and at the end of the season they are added up to get the winner. This season was exceptionally close with Jamey Cox and Shaun Taylor knocking at the door of the eventual winner - Steve Wilkinson

Referee's Player - Steve Wilkinson

Referees Player is also taken on a game by game basis. The referee is asked at the end of each game who he feels was the man of the match - naturally through the course of the season we see many different refs with different opinions - this year was again closely contended with last years winner Jamey Cox tight on the heels of the eventual winner - Steve Wilkinson

Player of the Season - Shaun Taylor

Player of the Season is the main trophy with the players name also going onto the Shepherds Arms shield. This one is voted for by the players and the supporters who all get one vote at the end of the season for who has been the Player of the Season. It came down to one person and even getting through the injury that he picked up at Rugby still was a clear winner - Shaun Taylor


Well done Tid - A great season.

Well that is the conclusion of the presentation night for the season 2003-04, you would think so - wouldn't you, but no, the drinking and frolics carried on till late that evening. I can reassure you that no one was up early the next morning.

Have a look at the presentation night for 2003/2004 and see who the winners were. Or simply have a look at the role of honour.

I hope that this gives you an idea of the great nights that are had by all at The Shepherds Arms.


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