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Presentation - 2004/05 Season

It was that time of year again - and guess what.........we seriously had something to celebrate this season, having finished second in the league winning automatic promotion and winning the league cup - what a fantastic season in the history of The Shepherds Arms.

To my kowledge this is the only time that The Mighty Sheps have won a trophy in their entire history and this goes back to the years that they were playing on a Saturday afternoon.

In summary, the team scored more goals than ever, conceded the least amount ever, gained the most points in a season and had their best ever winning sequence...............not surprising that we won something.

This comes down to the players "getting their heads on" this season and believing in what we had and what we could achieve.

So, onto the trophies - lets see who got what.......................

Ben Inman picking up The Drunk of the Year award

The Drunk of the Year Award is always heavily contested and this year was no exception. The last two years has seen Allan Ellis take the award and gave another good showing, but not good enough to win. There were also good efforts by Andrew Bland and Dave Ramsey in particular who showed up in some horrendous states.

A special mention goes to Andy Wilks for his performance at Hemsworth - just ask him.

However the undoubted winner for 2004/05 was new comer


His mum was there on the night and she wasn't impressed with this one. Another player ruined!!

As is always the case in any season you need a joker - someone who is going to keep things alive and funny at every opportunity when things start to get too serious.

Dave loves to sing "Summer of 69" which he believes he is the best at...........I'll let you be the judge of that.

Dave (Rammer Dammer Ding Dong) Ramsey - The Entertainer
The Entetainer of the Year is



Top Tackler Allan Ellis
From season to season it seems that the forwards get alot of the praise and I continue to give awards to the defence for their performance throughout the season. This year the back four were awesome with a line that some of the premiership teams would have been very happy with.

This trophy is for Top Tackle and if anyone has seen the DVD of the final (on sale at £10 each) then you will see a Flanshaw player doing a somersault after a very fair tackle by Allan Ellis, however this does not win the trophy on its own. The tackle in the park against Waterloo has to be the one for the season - with everyoine on the park feeling and hearing the crunch.

The trophy for Top Tackle goes to



In a season where the team scored 121 goals our biggest ever haul - there were no fewer than 53 goals scored from midfield.

At the start of the season he said he was going to score 30, then he changed it to 40 near the end but managed to get 36 goals this season - a fantastic effort for The Shepherds Arms top goalscorer

36 Goals - Leading Scorer - Ben Inman

Top Goalscorer - BEN INMAN

Geoof Nash - Supporters Player

The Supporters Player of the season is a very important trophy. This is obviously voted by those people who trun up week after week subjecting themselves to all kinds of weather to cheer on The Mighty Shepherds Arms.

As well as this they also keep me company which is no easy task - just ask my wife!!!!!!!
This season saw lots of people on the sideline with some much needed support and encouragement. It was proving to be a very long season at the end and the supporters are thanked from all the players.

This years winner saw another new comer picking up a trophy.......

Supporters Player - GEOFF NASH

The Referee's Man of the Match award is a trophy that has been voted on throughout the season, obviously by the referee - and this season saw a very close fight with contributions from Jermaine Jones, Shaun Taylor, Dave Ramsey, but eventually was a tie after 30 games

Ben Inman and Andrew Bland with their Referees Man oif the Match trophies
The award for Referee's Man of the Match went to



Players Player Runner Up - Dave (Rammer Dammer Ding Dong) Ramsey

The Players Player trophy is voted for over the year and votes are collected every week. This season saw Andrew Bland, Geoff Nash, Shaun Taylor all trying to get their hands on this one which shows consistency throughout the season.

After a late surge Dave Ramsey picks up the Runner Up trophy and I am sure we will hear about this one later when he gets up and sings.

Players Player Runner Up - DAVE RAMSEY


After collating the votes on a week to week basis it was quite obvious from an early stage that Ben was certainly going to be up there on this one.

When someone scores a hat-trick it is hard not to give them a vote.

Players Player - BEN INMAN

2004/05 Players Player - Ben Inman
Managers Player Runner Up - Geoff Nash As Manager it gives me great pleasure in awarding trophies to players who I believe have had a great season.

This year was very difficult but the runner up trophy went to Geoff due to his immense presense at the back and when he missed the team felt it.

Managers Player R/Up -


Over the season it was very hard to distinguish in a game, who was the man of the moment, especially when we had a defence that held such a great line.

Although the goals in the end made it a little easier and without these I am sure it would have been a different story.

Managers Player - BEN INMAN
Ben Inman - Managers Player


Geoff Nash - 2004/05 Player of the Season

The Player of the Season trophy is awarded to a player who has made an outstanding contribution to the team and is voted by a single vote from each player.

This is the one to win

As already mentioned, when Geoff missed a game it was felt throughout and this just goes to show how much he meant to the team when he was there.


Well done Geoff - A great season.

Onto the last part of the presentation which was the Division 4 Cup.

Won in style with a 5 - 0 win over Flanshaw, Andrew Knights came up to collect the new trophy which will reamain at The Sheps as recognition of what the team has achieved

A truly great achievement guys, every single one of you deserve it

Andy Knights picking up the replacement League Cup on behalf of the team
Jimmy Bradley with his hands on the cup - AGAIN!!!!! And onto this man........this is Jimmy, the man who woke up the day after the final with trophy in his bed......strange.

The worst thing about it is that all the players didn't even know where it was.

It was only fitting that Jimmy got his hands on the new one and the fact that he was heavily involved in the original Shepherds Arms team is great.
On a night where both cups were doing the rounds - full to the brim with lager or something else, Al is always seen with one of them in his hands.

A fitting picture showing the feeling of all the team winning the cup and getting automatic promotion.
Time to celebrate winning the League cup again.
Maxine - The Landlady is always full of smiles - especially when the footy team is winning

Let me take time in introducing you to the Landlady - this is Maxine, and after serving this loutish lot all night she deserves to get herself a drink, relax and enjoy the achievement of The Shepherds Arms AFC.

A lot of credit goes to maxine for providing some excellent food and raising some much needed cash for the football team


Many thanks Max - hopefully we can bring you some more silverware next season!!!!!
Well that is the conclusion of the presentation night for the season 2004-05, you would think so - wouldn't you, but no, the drinking and frolics carried on till late that evening. I can reassure you that no one was up early the next morning.

Have a look at the presentation night for 2005/2006 and see who the winners were. Or simply have a look at the role of honour.

I hope that this gives you an idea of the great nights that are had by all at The Shepherds Arms.


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