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Presentation - 2005/06 Season - Sunday

It will soon be that time of year again - and guess what.........we seriously had something to celebrate last season, having finished second in the league winning automatic promotion and winning the league cup - what does the season 2005/06 have in store for us.

You could always look at the Trophy Contenders for a little bit of a sneak preview !!!!

This year was different in many ways – new players – new problems and coping with 2 teams.

What I will say is that all the players did and have pulled together to make this a reasonable season for both Sat and Sun.

Sundays had something to live up to with winning the cup and getting promoted the year before – however, we got to the final again and did get promotion to division 2

Firstly I would like to thank Maxine, Colin and all the bar staff for all their efforts and with putting up with you lot.

The winner of the first award needs to thank Max and Col personally because the award is undoubtedly down to them.


Sunday is easy as you see the states that some of these guys turn up in. Nice to see the old winners putting in a consistent performance with Al, Knightsy and new comers Dave “Bush Head” Shaw and Rob “Dry your eyes again mate” Kent.

There could only be one winner and I am sure everyone heard him later on in the night.

Drunk of the Year - Dave (Ramma Damma Ding Dong) Ramsey

Drunk of the Year is Bryan Adams……………… Dave Ramsey



Moving away slightly from the norm – with the start of new ventures, new problems…….. but along came a couple of strange problems – one that I haven't had for a good number of years………. And this is hair

I would like to make a quick presentation for “Bush Head of the Year”

to Dave Shaw.

He is the one on the right - the other one is "Wool Head of the Year".


On Sundays we had 20 different scorers which has seen us overhaul last years tally – Andy Wilks (keeper) getting another one this year. Dave Ramsey got 20 but way in the lead beating last years club record of 36 with 39 and I am sure he could have got 50.

The winner is Oli Johnson.

Top Goalscorer - Oli Johnson. A new club record with 39 goals.
Club Record - 39 Goals

Supporters Player

A personal thanks to everyone who has came along and supported us this year – all weathers and offering encouragement to the guys on the pitch. But my main thanks go to those people who kept me sane while Dave “Ramma Damma Ding Dong” Ramsey was banned for 5 weeks – that was hard work.

The winner – showing that he doesn't actually need any more effort is Paul Beaumont.

REFEREES M O M - Runner Up

Sundays were even closer than Saturdays with 2 votes covering the top 6 with a total mix of defenders, midfielders and attackers.

These 6 being Andy Knights, Dave Shaw, Paul Beau, Dave Ramsey Shaun Taylor and Oli Johnson.

The runner up is Paul Beaumont

Referees Man of the Match - Runner Up

Referees Man of the Match

After scoring a club record 39 goals, surpassing last years tally of 36 - Oli proved to be a very lucrative asset during the season.

What could have happened if we had him in the side from day 1.

The Referee's Man of the Match Award goes to Oli Johnson.


Another trophy that was very close between 2nd and 6th with some great individual performances from Geoff Nash, Dave Shaw, Shaun Taylor and of course Oli.

The runner up for Players Player is

Rob "Dry your eyes mate" Kent

Players Player - Runner Up


Players Player

This is one of those trophies that means a great deal to all the players as this is voted for on a week by week basis by their fellow players.

This year saw the winner way out in front with the number of votes - that will teach me to say that we need more from him.

The winner is Paul Beaumont

Suzie collected the trophy on Paul's behalf - I think he has got enough now.....


Sundays will always prove to be difficult for me with the squad going for 5 seasons, Steve Wilky has had another good season with a cracking goal against Hemsworth, the youngster of the team Geoff Nash was as always so influential, Andy Knights – who also drove up from London on the morning of the semi final proved to be a great find at right back.

The Runner Up with his own contender for goal of the season is Dave Shaw

Managers Player - Runner Up


Managers Player
The winner of Managers Player of the Season showed maturity and consistency through a feature packed season.

Not too sure about the "Wool Head", but hey, the winner is Rob Kent
Runner Up

Wow - what a difficult one to vote on. A very good season with some great consistent performances.

Sundays have seen a number of votes being plit between the following players Oli Johnson, Dave Shaw, Paul Beau, Andy Wilks, Steve Wilks, Dave Ramsey, Rob Kent and last years winner Geoff Nash.

The runner up for 2005/06 is "The Bush Head" – Dave Shaw

Player of the Season - Runner Up


Player of the Season

Throughout the whole season "ROBO BEAU" was consistent, fair and an overall influence to the team.

So this comes as no surprise that the winner is Paul Beaumont.



Well done - A great season.

To mention something else which was the miss of the season. Now when I was thinking of this one I realised that I had to include myself when I hit the corner flag in a Saturday game - but mentions have to go to Steve Wilky from 2 yards and Chris Durham from 6 yards in the Wrenthorpe game.

No trophy was given - but hey, it's great to mention a few hiccups throughout the season.

Well that is the conclusion of the presentation night for the 2005-06 season, you would think so - wouldn't you, but no, the drinking and frolics carried on till late that evening. I can reassure you that no one was up early the next morning.

Have a look at the pictures below to see what some of them got up to:-
Make sure you keep your clothes on Jonesy The troops start to gather - already knowing that this is going to be one of those "Boozy Do's"

Lets see - will "Jonesy" on the left keep his clothes on this evening. He has a tendancy to get starkers as the beers flow.

We've seen it all before mate - and it ain't that much to shout about!!!
Plopolingo - supposedly the new Scmeichel next season.

He is actually considering donning a pair of boots and gloves and trying his luck in the nets for the Reserves next season.

I bet that doesn't happen - he loves his beer on a Saturday night and his bed on Sunday morning too much.
Plopolingo - is he the new Schmeichel ?
Its nailbiting stuff - who has won what ? Its getting closer to the start of the presentation and the tension is building in the room.

Lingo has already started on his nails and Foxy is wondering if he will get a trophy before he moves down south for a year.
Well, well - Deano is looking a bit worse for wear already. It is still light outside and Deano looks well on his way.

Bet he doesn't make it through till the end.
Deano - the night hasn't even started yet !!!
The "Old Boys" stick together. The "Old Boys" are sticking together tonight.

Talking of sticks - where are their walking sticks. Must be getting close to retiring guys - that is from work NOT football!!!!!!
Its warming up quite nice now, a few more beers and everyone will soon change.

Where's Ramma - his Mum, Dad and Sister are in the background. He must be keeping a low profile for a while.

Don't want to show the family up - do we.
The beers are flowing
And Ramma's Off Family gone by any chance Dave ?

Presentation over and done with - its time to get things moving - and - guess who's the first..........


Its nearing "Ramma Time"
Come on "Bush Head" lets have a dance and get this party going.

Mev looks a little unsure - he's not confident that the table will hold all the excess weight from his HAIR !!!

Watch out Ramma - Dazzling is lurking !!
Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee Dave, dance with me
Mr T just can't get enough The beers are flowing - but obviously not enough for some people.

Mr T - the one in that PINK, not salmon, top is starting to chase the beers. he surely can't be trying to keep up with Deano - he was nearly asleep earlier in the evening.
Captain fantastic is looking rather sober for this time of night - this is something that certainly won't stay the same for the rest of the night.

Coxy has been Captain for the past 3 seasons - is he ready for a fourth ?
The Captain !!!!!!

Its definitely Ramma Time now. Dave doesn't waste any time in getting his shirt off and getting down with the karaoke.

Let me guess - are you singing "Summer of 69" ?
Steady on boys - not sure that table will hold out with Robbie Coltrane (Duzza), Chav Beau (he's a fireman you know), Wool Head (Dry your eyes mate) and what looks like surfer Al. Never surfed in his life, couldn't think of anything else to put.

Al is the proud owner of 2, yes 2 "Drunk of the Year" awards.

No I can't believe that..............
Oh Dear!!!!!! watch the table guys - you're not the lightest lot ever you know !!!
Best Supporter Ever !!!!!! Leigh is THE Shepherds Arms supporter.

She comes out in all weathers and really gives some support.

Whats that Leigh ??? You would like a drink.....

Tia Maria at a guess - you'll be feeling rough in the morning.
I can't believe what I am seeing - Paul "Robo Beau" Beau is showing his "handy" work.

"Simon, look aren't my nails lovely - I just had them done today, especially for tonight. Waht do you think ?".
Look at my nails Simon - aren't they well manicured ?
Anything to do with Football and the girls get left on their own. As usual - when football is on, anything to do with football, or even just having a good booze up - it seems like the ladies are left to their own devices.

Sounds interesting.

Look all the lads are here - all on this one table.

Andy Beau - what's with the vest ?

Ramma is now on Deisel and another drink......... Oh Dear!!!!

Oli, looks like he's enjoying his beer a little too much.

How many more can get on the table ?
Is there a fire ? Where has your shirt gone ? Whats happening ? Is there a Fire ? Has Andy Beau took his shirt off to put the flames out ?

NNNOOOOOO!!!!!! he's just a posing get - oh and the fact that he is PI***D as - is enough reason.

Still early though...........
Rosser seems a little distracted Sorry love, what did you say - I was a little distracted
Its a marathon not sprint, Deano !!!! The early pace has taken its toll on Deano - fast on.

Deano - its a marathon not a sprint.

Believe me, I tried to wake him several times but with no effect.

Even offered him a beer - yes that's right, I even offered to buy someone a drink.
Not sure what this TW*T is doing.

The Fat Bald Kid - time to have a drink and get slaughtered.

Losing some more hair by any chance?

Yeh right - BALD GIT !!!!!!
Fat Bald Kid
I want to get up there as well Rosser looks on in awe...........

The guys are dancing away on the table, shirts off - except Al - but there is no room for Rosser.... Oh dear.

Tell you what Rosser, keep the shirt on till after you've played next season - the view would be better.
Had a few beers have we gents ?

Ramma and Iney decide that they want to top up their tan......

Guys - its night time !!!!
Put it away Ramma !!!
Marshy's had a few Marshy (him in the middle) shows that after a few beers, the eyes start to close and you start to sing uncontrolably.

Time left for a few chasers Marshy.

By the way - did you get the trophy for the most celebrated goal - I think you should have got something for that.
Come and Andy Beau..... thing us a thong !!!!!

What were you thinking. Firstly, white trousers with a BLACK thong... doesn't work that way - ask the women!!!

Secondly - keep your clothes on !!!!!
Andy Beau in his THONG !!!! Yes - its a THONG !!!
The Goal Machine is still going strong The Goal Machine that is OLI - is still going strong.

He scored plenty during the season, but something tells me that he is not going to score this evening.

Oli - is that a leaky nipple you have there ? Strange !!!
Can't believe that he is still standing - well only just !!

Ramma is making sure that he gets on every photo that is taken during the night.

Whats up mate ? looking a little worse for wear !!!

Remember where you live tonight - don't sleep where you fall !!!
Peek a Boo !!!
Marshy on his second wind Marshy has got a new lease of life - wow, everybody look at me - I am the DADDY and if you want any advice on scoring come and talkt o me.

Time to go, time to go, time to go !!!

Ramma - have you had enough yet ?

Looking .... and feeling a little worse for wear, Ramma decides on a little rest......


Time to go
All pile on !!! He decides to have a go at Oli - just to add a little more fun Acky joins in.

Oli is under there somewhere !!!!
Oli comes out on top.......

But I am little worried.......

Are you tickling him or are you after something else ????
Oli on top form again
At this point it was time for me to go - I left everyone else in the back room to get well and truly legless.

This was one of those boozy do's for sure - everyone felt seriously under the weather the following day.

But hey - what the hell - you only live once.

The Mighty Sheps roll on - get ready for the next installment of the Mighty Sheps road to Wembley (well, when it's finished).


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