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A Successful Season ?

The 2002/2003 season has now ended and the question is - Was this a successful season or not ?

Personally I feel that the season got off to a very ropey start - scoring 11 goals in the first three games and not getting a single point. After this we were just unfortunate not to be able to pick the same eleven for a couple of weeks.

Once everything had settled down - ironically after Christmas, the team started to perform as a team and the results came in. This made the second half of the season more respectable, with some good wins along the way.

The team is now building and we are certainly better than last season. There have been a few vital additions to the side such as - Paul Rosser, Matthew Fox, Simon (is our leader) Hayward, Wirey and some great help from Shaun Taylor.

If The Shepherds Arms keep the players from this season it can only be a good thing, and the new season can offer a great reward for the effort all the players have put in to date.

This team has come on leaps and bounds from when it was first started and have proved that a true pub team still exists.


Well done to everyone who has contributed- you should be proud !!!

New Pot Oil 2
Shepherds Arms 1

On Sunday 27th April 2003, it was that time of the season where we had to play our old adversaries, New Pot Oil .

This is a fixture that always stirs the interest levels as there is certainly no love lost between the sides.

The game kicked off in typical fashion with early pressure from New Pot Oil while the Shepherds Arms faithful ran off their customary thick heads. Once settled, it was easy to see that the Shepherds Arms players and supporters were ready for a game. The typical wind up merchants were at it again and soon had the ref on their side and showing Matt Pert the red card.

Just before the half time whistle New Pot Oil seized on a couple of mistakes and scored the first goal, soon after the whistle went and it was half time.

The second half started with spirited displays from Steve Wilkinson (MOM), Neil Wire and Jermaine Jones. It wasn't long before they felled Wirey for a penalty. Jonesy stepped up and scored with ease.

The game flowed from area to area before New Pot Oil came up with the winner.

An unjust result !

Presentation Night

It is that time of the year again when the football season has ended and it is presentation night.

As last year this will be held at The Shepherds Arms with Live music, buffet and more importantly the presentation of the trophies.

Last season saw Allan Ellis walk away with The Player of the Season.

Who will win the big one this year ?

The trophies up for grabs are as follows

Player of the Season
Players Player
Managers Player
Supporters Player
Top Goal scorer
Most Improved Player
Referees M O M
Drunk of the Year

Personally I think it's safe to say that last years winner of The Drunk of Year Award - Andrew Knights - will not be keeping the inaugural title.

Come and see who wins what with a few surprise awards on the night.

The presentation will be held on Saturday 24th May, starting at 19-30.

See you there - it's always a fantastic night!!!

The Hat-Trick Hero

Sunday League Football has always generated opportunities for goal scorers, however this season has been difficult to get that sought after hat trick.

Many people have tried but can not manage that all important third.
In the recent game, against Arriva F C, it was time to stand up and be counted.
Andrew Bland stepped up and slotted home two penalties, with the third coming from open play in the last minutes and while injured.

A well deserved 3-2 victory

The only person to get a hat trick this season!

Well done

End of Season Trip

As tradition states there is always an end of season "Boozy Do".
This season is no different, but we will have to wait a little while.

The reason for the delay is that we have our presentation on Saturday 24th May and Nigel Sugden's Stag do on June 14th. Naturally not everyone is loaded so we have to sensible about the whole thing.

I have had suggested to me that we go to the dogs again - but we are going there before the season starts. I have also had suggested a trip to the gee gees - may be at Thirsk or somewhere similar.


How about a trip to Skegness, Scarboro, Blackpool, or anywhere where they have some decent boozers. I am a little lost as to the best one - so if you can come up with a realistic idea - NOT Amsterdam - well actually that could be a good idea - no, on second thoughts……

Just let me know what your thoughts are and we can get something arranged.

Xmas Break to Come Early

For the past two seasons The Shepherds Arms Football Club seem to get off to the same old shaky start. This season, we had to wait until the middle of January before we got the first win. Last season was much of the same.

All the players have discussed this and we all have come up with the same reason. CHRISTMAS & CHRISTMAS PARTY.

Once fat Santa has visited and we have all had a real skinful for a week or so, The Shepherds Arms Football team seems to jump in to life, much to the amazement of football league and the teams that still have to play us.

One team has commented "We're glad we played you at the beginning of the season, or we would have struggled"

The conclusion to this situation is that everyone involved in the club have decided to put up Christmas trees and decorations in August and have our traditional "Boozy Do" early.

I feel sorry for places like Owlerton Stadium that have to put up with this lot!!!

The end result should be that from the first game of the season The Shepherds Arms Football Club will be ready and raring to go. Well that's what everybody thinks!!!

Whether or not this will be the case, we will have to wait and see!!!!

Referee has a SHOCKER

Where on the planet did they get this bloke from ?

In the recent game between ourselves and New Pot Oil, there was a man in black that was on the pitch - I think he was supposed to be a referee.

From the first minute you could tell what type of person he was. His first comments were - "you're here to play football and I am here to referee - some decision you won't agree with - Blah, Blah, Blah

After ten minutes of the game there was a little scuffle - as you expect with the two teams involved and he accuses Matt Pert of trying to bite the opponents nose.

Now come on - who in their right mind would try and do this on a football pitch. The referee was obviously having nightmares from the previous nights film.

Later in the game he then came across to speak with the Manager - The Fat Bald Kid. He proceeded to say that if he doesn't shut his mouth then he will be red carded and asked to leave the pitch.
What a load of rubbish - FBK has never been loud in his life, nor has he ever had a crossed word with anyone.

Following this he then said that FBK "couldn't be bothered" and gave every decision Pot Oils' way.

Well that's logic for you.

In the last 10 minutes of the game the referee blew up for a free kick (NOT) and when questioned that it was 10 yards further away - the ref decided to book Andy Knights for chelping and move the ball a further 10 yards forward - that made sense


WHAT A PLANK !!!!!!!

There's Life in the Old Dog Yet........

How long can he last ?

Last season he won the Drunk of the Year award and this season he has simply been outstanding winning tackles that you would think were impossible.

When the going gets tough at the back he is always there to stand up and be counted. How long can he keep this up ?

The Cockney Cruiser has a VIP pass into the Knacker to show off his dancing talents then arrives on a Sunday morning with a greasy butty in hand, blood shot eyes (not as often as last year) and still manages to last the full 90.

Andy Knights keeps telling me that he has another season left and then he will see after that.

Lets hope so, what a great season Andy - Well done

A Night at the Dogs

The last couple of seasons have seen the players, supporters and locals go to Owlerton Stadium to see the dogs. This year was no exception and a great night was had by all.

As usual there were the lucky winners - this year saw Nigel Sugden and Mark Wade win 7 out of 10 races.

Next time we arrange this may be everyone should take tips of Wadey - this is the second time he has come up at the dogs.

The added bonus of the dogs is that they sell Carling Premier - a couple of people tried a pint a race with some amusing results - The Fat Bald Kid fell asleep in the Shepherds Arms balancing his head on a pint glass. I hasten to add that no one woke him up - they just left him there - "thanks lads!"

Before the start of the season we will endeavor to arrange another trip to Owlerton - so start to put the word around - the trip should be in August.

This may kick start next seasons performance ! HA HA HA

Simon is our Leader

Following on from our visit to Owlerton Stadium and the high spirited return, it was clear that the players thought Simon Hayward was our leader on the pitch.

Simon took the Captaincy of the side and has been fundamental in our progress throughout the majority of the season.

Is Simon our true leader ?

Personally I think so, he has lead by example, with his unorthodox way of tackling and some of the places he puts his head in - is simply unbelievable.

The question is - Can Simon lead us to League and Cup success next season ?

Lets hope so - leadership comes in several shapes and sizes and that's certainly Simon.

This season goes to show that Simon IS our leader !

He IS the Toe Punt Specialist.

The Shepherds Arms Football Club has its own blend of unique footballer. For example - we have Simon - our Captain, as explained earlier, not the most orthodox player.

Then we have our keeper - the infamous Andrew Wilkinson. A stout Liverpool fan who, just as a coincidence looks like the Liverpool keeper - Jerzy Dudek.

However, that's where the similarities stop - Andy has his own way of keeping the ball out of the net and with taking dead ball kicks - that is with his BIG TOE.

The picture above shows the difference between his big toe and the rest of his toes. As you can see, the inflammation of the big toe area is due to constant toe punting - a strange species, I am sure you will admit. Yes, he is the champion toe punter - you can hear some of the opposition at the start of games saying "this won't go far - he toe punts it"

Surprise !!!

It does goes far.
The only problem is that no one, including Andy, knows where it is actually going to land.

However, last year Andy won the Managers Player of the Season trophy - will he get it this year ? or is someone else in line for this one ?

Size Does Matter

As a football team we are not exactly the biggest side you will ever come across, but there is one thing that has baffled me all season.
How can someone who is 4ft 7in win all the headers?

Nigel Sugden has had a great season being utlised in all different positions, from up front, to left midfield, to right midfield and even rightback - and he still amazes people - how does he do this ?

Suggy has a heart for the game and will give everything that he has got. This was typified when we played Walton and were down to 10 men after only SEVEN minutes, (thanks Daz), and he ran his legs off all game.

The end result was the first win of the season.

Great stuff Suggy !!!.

Then we have Andrew Bland who often asks for an apology, when players say "how can the smallest player on the field win every header"

He simply points in the direction of Suggy and says "he's the smallest!"

A quick note from - The Fat Bald Kid

I would like to thank all the players of The Shepherds Arms Football Club for their time, patience and effort during this season. It has not been an easy one and there have been some difficult times where the true character of the team has shone through.

The team has moved on from simply turning up on a Sunday morning to actually realising that the ability within the team can make us serious contenders.

We have proven this at the end of both seasons and no team looks forward to facing The Mighty Shepherds Arms.

It has been an absolute pleasure and look forward to next season.

Once again a big thank you to all those associated with the club.

Quote of the Season

Every football season has its hard times, the grueling winter mornings, the headaches, etc. but usually there is one person who lightens up the changing rooms with singing or simply telling the odd joke.

This would be Matthew Karadzic - however, the quote of the season came on the football pitch and had the players in stitches. After giving away a free kick the Brown Cow player called Clarry a "fat *****" of which the reply was -

"Well you'd better stop your lass feeding me biscuits after we have had sex!"

At this point the team were rolling around laughing and so were some of his own team mates. Naturally this dissolved the situation quite quickly, and I am sure that the opposition player found it funny in some way.

Absolute first class - you just can't teach this.

Clarry …….. priceless !!!!!

A Fond Farewell to Alan Gibson

As the majority of you are probably aware - Alan Gibson - the landlord of The Shepherds Arms is due to leave us in the near future. I would like to take this opportunity and on behalf of the Football team and supporters to wish Alan and Jane every success in the future, what ever they decide to do.

It has been an interesting experience with Race nights, Karaoke, Singers, Quiz nights, etc. When starting a football club there are several things that get overlooked and in the past Alan has kindly given Football Nets, Footballs and the facility to hold our annual presentation within the pub.

This year Alan has kindly donated a shield for the Player of the Year award


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