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The Dogs - Dec 2002

In December of 2002, the time came around for a trip to the dogs. This was very popular at the end of last season.

However, there wasn't too much to celebrate having lost all games to date - even if some were very close and in some cicumstances "robbed".

As always the team, supporters and friends were all in high spirits, loaded with money and ready to BOOZE!!!!!!

As pictured some of the rowdy lot decide to get together and have a group photo in the local before setting off to Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield.

Not the prettiest bunch you've ever seen are they ?

This is the Manager - The Fat Bald Kid - the poor sole who gets to arrange all the events. Finally a chance to let his hair down - oops - that can't be right - can it ?

Once at the dogs, the Carling Premier was flowing, managing a pint a race - you should see the state of him later that night!!!

Mick (left)and Steve (right) are already starting to feel the effects of the beer. Take a look at the smile on Mick's face, what has he got in stall for Steve later in the evening ?

And where is Steve's hand ???

Al and Cory seem to be looking into space - or is it they just don't know what they are doing. Even with Al's good eye - he can't seem to focus on the race card.

Meanwhile Rosser has had enough - he can't see the writing on the race card so decides to look for something else to do !!!

Remember Mick from earlier - he seems to be attracting some attention tonight. This time its the advances of Matt.

Mick - this smile is getting even bigger - or - are you just enjoying the beer?

Suggy (left) can't belive it - Wadey has won - and yes that's money in his hand.

By the way Suggy - weren't you and Wadey sharing ?

The first time we went to the dogs we had a few winners and Wadey & Knightsy were a couple of them that came out on top. Once again Wadey is on the winning team - this time with Suggy.

How does he do it ?

He has no idea what a dog is never mind anything else. I suppose some of us are just born lucky. I am certain that I saw him do the old pen in the air trick and see which one it lands on. Never the less they managed to win 7 out of the 10 races.

I think next time I should partner Wadey and see if I can recoup some of my losses

As you can see from the pictures the night is starting to run very well with everybody having a good drink with a handful winning a tidy sum.

The bus trip home was arranged for a strategic time so that we could get back to the Shepherds Arms for the last and have a few more beers. As you can imagine the trip home was a rowdy one with Jonesy (he's the one with less hair than The Fat Bald Kid) leading the chants.

Back at the Sheps,Matt holds his pint tenetavively weaving in and out of the drunks that have just invaded The Shepherds Arms.

The night is still young and there are several more beers to be had!

Al (right), decides to have a sing song and to let everybody know that he has a voice. Paul on the other hand! opts for the more sensible option of having another beer.

Paul is another one who attempted and succeeded in having a pint a race!!!

How are you still standing ?

The night is drawing to a close with a few bleary eyes and flushed faces.

Just out of shot is Rosser - but I am sure that can't be a pint of Deisel - can it ?

Are you mental and haven't you had enough ?

Once again the evening was a great success with everyone involved having a great night regardless of winning or losing. The character of The Shepherds Arms football team shines through again.

However there is still one left.

Did no one tell Suggy that the door to the toilet is in front of him and that he is actually in the corridor.

That really is one hairy ass.

I hope that this gives everyone an insight to the enjoyment a football team brings to the local pub.

What is Life all about if you can't enjoy it !!!!!

Now we've got the Christmas party out of the way we can now get down to business and start winning.


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